I Found Help That Actually Works in My Own City

There’s a group of San Jose chiropractors who have a popular chiropractice practice in my city, and they are known for helping people with many different types of aches and pains when traditional physician practices don’t work. I ended up learning about them after the lower back pain that I had was interfering with my ability to work at my job as a district manager. We only get so much vacation time per year, and I had already used all of mine. I may be a manager, but the fast-paced company that I work for is not interested in employing a leader who can’t show up to work as necessary.

I’ve always pushed myself incredibly hard in the workplace because I don’t have a college degree. I suppose I could have gone back to college so that I could graduate, but it’s hard to do that when you have already entered the workplace at a young age and have your hands full with a full time job, a wife and a new child. I’ve always made sure that I show any employer that I’ve worked for that it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a degree and that it would be a shame to lose me. So, when I began missing work because back pain was keeping me home too much, I felt that my job was on shaky ground.

If you’ve ever heard of people who are never sick, I was always one of those people. I have always contributed that to my positive outlook. Things happen, and you need to accept them and move on. It has always served me well to just go with the flow. When my back started acting up, I found myself becoming depressed for the very first time because nothing I tried was working. The chiropractic group that I learned about changed all that for me. Weekly treatments now keep me pain-free.